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Cape Fear Highlanders (CFH) is the brainchild of professional festival producer and Argyll Colony descendant, Allen McDavid to promote the remembrance of the most significant Gael community in America. The Cape Fear Highlanders is a "dba"operating under its 501 (c) 3 non-profit, Argyll Colony, Inc. The organization's mission is to promote awareness of the Cape Fear Region's Gaelic heritage and provide education on the most significant community of Highland Scots in America.


Strategic initiatives include the establishment of an officially recognized Scottish Clan made up of Argyll Colony descendants and supporters for the purpose of fellowship and support in achieving CFH goals. CFH will serve to provide a structured effort towards the erection an Scot Emigrants Monument on the banks of the Cape Fear River, to honor both the Argyll Colony, its many descendants, and their contributions to this country. We envision something similar to the Emigrants Statue that stands in both Scotland and Canada.

The Emigrants Statue is described as "a non-political national and international project". It provides a focus for the commemoration of the huge numbers of people evicted from their ancestral homes during the Highland Clearances, in an area where the impact of the clearances on the society and the landscape was both profound and irreversible. Many of those displaced by the clearances found their way to new homes elsewhere in Scotland or, very often, abroad, where they made new lives

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